Tom Hiddleston ruled out of running for James Bond

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For months, Tom Hiddleston was the clear favourite to be the next James Bond, but that ship seems to have now sailed as the actor has been ruled out of the role.

The news comes from author Frederick Forsyth, best known for writing ‘The Day of The Jackal’, who told the Mail on Sunday that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli will not choose Hiddleston:

“I got a tip the other day which I’ll share with you. I understand Barbara Broccoli is absolutely no way going to pick Tom Hiddleston. No. Way.”

Tom Hiddleston had admitted his interest in playing the iconic secret agent. And the rumours even intensified when bets were suspended on him to become the next 007. However recently, James Norton and Aidan Turner overtook Hiddleston to become the bookies favourites.

The idea of a female Bond has also been up for debate with Gillian Anderson revealing her interest in the role, and Forsyth gave his opinion on the matter, which won’t go down well with many:

“A Jane Bond? I don’t think so. I’m going to be sexist here, I don’t think it has the credibility. The public are die-stamped with the idea that Wexford is a fella; Morse is a fella; Lewis is a fella. There is Vera, but the others…Rosemary and Thyme? I just can’t believe them. They simply don’t convince.”

One thing seems for sure and that’s that Daniel Craig won’t be returning as 007 after reportedly turning down £68million and now it looks unlikely that Hiddleston will get the part either.

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