Movie Reviews Editor's Picks tagged Drama

  • The Florida Project - Review (Cannes 2017)

    Part Little Rascals, part Dardennes, Moonee and her mother’s day-to-day activities are so engaging and the characters so richly drawn, that I felt like I could easily have watched another ten hours of The Florida Project.
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  • The Beguiled - Review (Cannes 2017)

    There’s so much potential in almost every aspect of the film that Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled feels so disappointing despite being perfectly okay.
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  • Baywatch - Review

    Not quite absurd enough, following a somewhat generic, inane narrative that it supposedly set-out to deconstruct.
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  • Okja - Review (Cannes 2017)

    Whilst some of the further reaches of Okja’s wild abandon don’t always feel smoothly part of the whole, it’s a very small price to pay for the almost anarchic joy that is often on screen.
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Movie Reviews tagged Drama

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