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  • The Green-Light | To Edit Tarantino is to Kill Him

    A recent re-edit of Django Unchained teaches us why we love our favourite movies — warts and all.
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  • The Green-Light | The Hateful Eight isn’t misogynistic. It’s sadly realistic

    Welcome to The Green-Light, a regular column from Gary Green. Find within spittle-flecked passion and encyclopaedic insight on everything to do with the movies.

    Warning: Huge spoilers for The Hateful Eight lie ahead.

    Chances are you’ve now seen The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie. Chances also are that you’ve got a strong opinion or three to share about it; like…
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    Well, a few years too late, but for what's worth, I just watched The Hateful Eight, I'm a woman, and I completely agree with you. I would go so far as to say an exploration of sexism is the overarching theme of the whole movie. I mean, when two enemies come together, united against Daisy, it's pretty clear. I was really surprised so many people missed it. Thanks for the article, I enjoyed it!
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