Flickreel is a new type of online film publication which blends together a magazine and a website. Check out our quick intro video:


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The publication launched in May 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We would like to thank all of the following generous backers for helping to make it a success:

Alessandro Noviello, Angela Bello, Cedric Hare, Charlotte Plumridge, Chris Handley, Chris Morgan, Claire Berenger, Craig Munn, Danny Pape, David Frank, Dilawar Haider, Elizabeth Hare, Emma Fang, Gehan Sri-Pathmanathan, Georgina Pape, Giles Winter, Grace Wu, Harry Thomson, Holly Warren, Ian Pape, James Cousins, James Kar, Jenny Zhao, Jo Winter, Joanna Marcus, John Pape, Josh Chi, Joshua Pape, Katharine Pape, Lawrence Lee, Lucy Morgan, Luigi Martini, Mark Ma, Mary Halton, Michael Hare, Michal Jacewicz, Michelle Sinclair, Mireille Hare, Ned Winter, Nicky Iyegbe, Philippa Morgan, Shaun Woodward, Silvia Grafova, Xiaochen Ren, Yen Shen, Zain Meer.