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  • Why horror is keeping the magic of cinema alive

    2017 had the worst summer box office in over a decade, but horror movies like It are keeping the magic of cinema alive.
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  • 3 reasons why Dunkirk won’t win Best Picture

    Sure, it’s the best picture of the year so far, but can Dunkirk really win the Academy’s top prize?
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  • Why Good Time mustn’t be forgotten come awards season

    It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Pattinson earned a Best Actor nomination for his riveting work here. Of course Pattinson isn’t the only reason why Good Time mustn’t be forgotten come awards season.
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    twilight ended years ago, try to move on. If r. pattinson became famous starring in comic book movie he shouldn't have shedded anything. The amount of hate men have for this movies is crazy but they are ones that bring it up all the time in articles. MOVE on.
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  • 4 major flaws in latest Game of Thrones episode (s07e06)

    Game of Thrones season seven has been as strong as ever, but episode 6, (Beyond the Wall) the penultimate episode of the season, was not without its problems. Here’s 4 reasons why.
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Movie Features tagged Drama

  • Breathe vs. Stronger: Which is better?

    It’s hard to talk about Andy Serkis’ directorial debut Breathe without also addressing David Gordon Green’s Stronger, which came out only a couple weeks earlier.
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  • Boyhood, Moonlight, & The Florida Project: A trilogy of childhood

    The Florida Project is all about little moments, as if they were ripped from a person’s memory. This is something that both Boyhood and Moonlight also pulled off flawlessly.
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