Movie Reviews tagged Western

  • Brimstone Review

    There is a myriad of narratives merged together in a rather clumsy fashion, though Koolhoven does ensure the viewer just about remains compelled.
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  • Hostiles Review (Toronto International Film Festival)

    Scott Cooper (Black Mass) returns to dark, brooding territory with Christian Bale vehicle, Hostiles. A Western so harrowing and bleak that it will leave you stone faced exhausted, struggling to get through the very first act, where things begin with a sprinkling of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly then quickly turn sinister.

    Bale seems to have shed his skin and placed his spirit in the 1890s…
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  • The Beguiled Review

    There’s so much potential in almost every aspect of the film that Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled feels so disappointing despite being perfectly okay.
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    Why is it that holly wood can never come up with something new, I guess they think that a 20 to 30 year window is enough for a rewrite and update to crowds who never saw the original. To me this is nothing but LAZY WORK and spin out something that is never better than the original. So how many sequels can Francis spin out of this movie. I refuse to spend 20 to 30 bucks to see a RE-HASH.
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  • The Magnificent Seven - Review

    While the characters here are by no means magnificent, they are interesting enough to carry a film.
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