Tom Hiddleston keen on playing James Bond

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Any viewer who has tuned into BBC One’s new drama series The Night Manager will have witnessed Tom Hiddleston’s very own audition for the role of James Bond. As much like Bond, he plays a suave and smooth character, pulling it off with impressive ease. And he’s now revealed that he would be keen on taking on the part of 007.

Hiddleston told The Sunday TimesTime magazine ran a poll and there were like, 100 actors on the list, including Angelina Jolie,” he said. “But yes, it’s nice to be included in the 100. I’m a huge fan of the series.

“We all went to see Spectre when we were shooting Skull Island in Hawaii. I simply love the theme tune, the tropes and the mythology. I love the whole thing. If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity.”

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That sounds pretty promising to us. And he’s even up for the physical side of the job: “I’m very away of the physicality of the job,” he added. “I would not take it lightly.”

We’re still unsure as to whether Daniel Craig will return for at least one more Bond film but with Hiddleston now adding his name to the list, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for our favourite secret agent.

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