Bond bets suspended after odds on Tom Hiddleston are slashed

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Recently Tom Hiddleston admitted his interest in playing the world’s most famous secret agent. And now the rumours are intensifying with the news that bets have been suspended on him to become the next James Bond.

Bookmaker Coral, suspended bets after the odds on Hiddleston dropped dramatically.

Ever since he played a spy in BBC’s The Night Manager, Hiddleston has been touted for the role. Becoming the bookies favourite, with odds of 2-1, after he reportedly met with Bond director Sam Mendes last week. And after a particularly large bet, Coral decided to suspend betting.

Nicola McGeady from Coral said: “There is no smoke without fire, and following the big gamble on Tom Hiddleston in the last 24 hours, we’ve had no choice but to pull the plug on the market.”

She then added: “Earlier in the year there was a gamble on Idris Elba and Damien Lewis, but nothing has come close to the recent gamble on Hiddleston.”

So can we expect a big announcement on this soon? We’ll keep you covered if and when we do.

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