King Arthur set to be the year’s biggest flop

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Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has been destroyed by critics and it now looks set to get even worse for the film, with it predicted to bomb at the box office.

According to DeadlineKing Arthur will make just $25 million (£19.3 million) on its US debut.

Variety is calling it ‘an opening weekend flop of epic proportions for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow.’ With a hefty budget of $175 million (£135 million) it’s set to overtake Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell to become 2017’s biggest flop so far.

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Its poor, projected performance is thought to be down to Warner Bros. shifting the release date and the awful reviews that have recently come in.

Disney may now be regretting hiring Ritchie for 2019’s Aladdin reboot. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword arrives in the US on May 12th. See its trailer below and our review here.

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