First full King Arthur reviews are not good

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The first fan reactions from early screenings may have been positive for Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword but now the critics’ full reviews have come in and they’re not looking good.

The majority of all major movie outlets have given the film negative reviews. The Hollywood reporter was particularly not a fan:

“Loud, bombastic and thuddingly obvious, this is a vulgar movie for vulgar times. Such synchronicity alone makes it worthy of cultural consideration of a certain kind.”

Variety also didn’t rate the action epic highly at all:

“Charlie Hunnam’s competing with so much ridiculous window-dressing here. It’s as if Ritchie has once again tried to build an entire movie around the whereabouts of a rare weapon, when the legend of the sword isn’t nearly as interesting as that of the man who wields it.”

And the feeling was pretty much unanimous amongst critics, see their scores below:

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Telegraph: 2/5

Gamesradar: 2/5

Screencrush: 5/10

Indiewire: C-

EW: C+

We got this covered: 2/5

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits the US on May 12th. See its trailer below in the meantime:

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