Here’s what original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter thought of the new film

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Lynda Carter is best known for playing the titular role in the Wonder Woman TV series during the 70s. And the now 65 year old actress has seen the new movie reboot and has given her approval.

Gal Gadot is the first actress to take the character to the big screen and Carter is a big fan, posting on Twitter after a screening, that Gadot is “fabulous” and the film is “wonderful”:

She then gave even more praise and shared a photo of herself with Gadot and director Patty Jenkins:

Early positive reviews continue to come in for Wonder Woman, which has greatly improved its opening box office projections:

“A domestic opening close to $100 million is looking more and more possible, and that may not even be the ceiling at this point.” said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at

While a Fandango poll named Wonder Woman the most anticipated film of the summer, ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Wonder Woman hits screens on June 2nd.

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