There’s been talk of a Warrior sequel

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With Gavin O’Connor doing press for his new film action/thriller The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. He revisited Mixed Martial Arts sports drama: Warrior. “We’ve had some talks about it, me and the actors”. And by actors, he meantsTom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, two A-list actors who present themselves in consistently excellent performances nowadays.

“More than any movie I’ve ever made, I have a weird…there’s an amazing following of rabid fans, more than anything I’ve ever done. And I’d say that’s probably my most personal movie. So I’m really grateful and, y’know, maybe we’ll do another one!” O’Connor said.

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Warrior gained good critical acclaim, with much of the praise being targeted at the dramatic performances from the main cast. Nick Nolte was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in his own right. O’Connor’s current film, The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people.

The Accountant will be released in the UK on 14th October 2016.

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