Blade Runner sequel gets title: Blade Runner 2049

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The highly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic is to be released this time next year, and now it finally has an official title along with a still of the main players.

Titled Blade Runner 2049. The sequel is being directed by Denis Villeneuve, who’s recent film Arrival is garnering a lot of praise. He’s also behind last year’s crime thriller Sicario. So far Denis’ films have been similar in style, promoting some of the best work from his actors like Jake Gyllenhaal. Denis seems to know how to construct a thrilling aspect to his story-telling that adds depth and genuine intelligence, he is becoming one of the best directors of recent years. 

The film’s cast is not something to shy away from either, Harrison Ford returns as Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto have joined. Ridley Scott is producing and Roger Deakins is returning as Director of Photography.

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Blade Runner 2049 will be in theatres 6th October 2017.



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