No, Morgan Freeman isn’t in a new Uzbek-made film

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It seems someone may have seen Bowfinger one too many times…

Morgan Freeman is one of the most recognisable Hollywood stars – not only has he had an illustrious career through films such as Seven, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Driving Miss Daisy, but his signature goatee and hair set him apart from many others. He has even made a film in Uzbek, or at least that’s what was promised…

BBC News is reporting that a new action film, called Daydi (Rogue), which was due for release in Uzbek cinemas this week has been pulled due to a breach in consumer rights by studio Timur Film, who have falsely used Freeman’s face in advertising for the film even though he isn’t in it in a bid to get more ticket sales. The studio has yet to comment on the situation.

Podrobno news agency, which is Government-affiliated, have stated that the Oscar Winner’s image from 2015 action-adventure film Last Knights was used without permission and used to publicise the film. The poster for the film is below, but it seems that Freeman is sporting the same costume to that he wore in Last Knights, which he co-starred in opposite Clive Owen:

No word yet as to whether the film, which is an action film about ann Uzbek police officer taking down “an assortment of evil assailants”, will be released at a later date.

Freeman can next be seen in Going In Style, opposite Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, which is due to release on April 7th.

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