Is George Miller Directing Man of Steel 2?

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Earlier this summer, Director George Miller gave us one of the most mind-blowing action pictures of all time with Mad Max: Fury Road. While we’re still waiting for Warner Bros. to give another Mad Max picture the green light, the studio may entrust Miller another high-profile blockbuster in the meantime. During an appearance on Popcorn Talk, documentary filmmaker John Schnepp of The Death of Superman Lives announced that Miller is directing Man of Steel 2.

“I think George Miller is the perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2. He’s going to bring so much to it.”

This could very well just be a rumor as Warner Bros. has yet to confirm anything. For now, however, we’re simply ecstatic at the idea of Miller lending his talents to the DC Cinematic Universe. While Zack Snyder did a perfectly descent job with the original Man of Steel, most people would agree that the film had its problems. With a visionary like Miller behind the camera, though, the sky’s the limit for Superman. In any case, we can’t wait to see what Miller does next. It’s bound to be another lovely day!

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