Hey Arnold! movie recruits 19 original voice actors

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A few months ago, it was announced that Hey Arnold! would be returning with a TV movie.

According to A.V. Club, this long-awaited film based on the popular 90’s cartoon has been officially titled, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.

Nickelodeon has also announced that 19 of the show’s original voice actors will be reprising their roles. This includes Francesca Marie Smith as Helga, Justin Shenkarow as Harold, Anndi McAfee as Phoebe, Olivia Hack as Rhonda, Nika Futterman as Olga, Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons, Antoinette Stella as Stella, Carlos Alazraqui as Eduardo, Dom Irrera as Ernie, Maurice LaMarche as Bob Pataki, Kath Soucie as Miriam, Danielle Judovits as Big Patty, Danny Cooksey as Stoop Kid, Jim Belushi as Coach Wittenberg, Dan Castellaneta as Grandpa, and Tress MacNeille as Grandma. Craig Bartlett, the creator of Hey Arnold!, will also be back to voice Miles.

Lane Toran, the original voice of Arnold, and Jamil Smith, the original voice of Gerald, will be taking on different roles in the film. Meanwhile Mason Vale Cotton and Benjamin “L’il P-Nut” Flores, Jr. will be voicing Arnold and his best friend, respectively.

Craig Bartlett was always intended this film to act as a series finale for Hey Arnold. The project never quite got off the ground, though, and the show ended on a cliffhanger with the 2002 episode, The Journal. Premiering next year, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie aims to reunite Arnold with his parents and resolve Helga’s feelings for the football head. 90’s kids rejoice!

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  1. Tony

    I want Arnold to Reunited with his Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reunited means come together and stay together.

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