Hans Zimmer joins Blade Runner 2049

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For as long as Denis Villeneuve had been in the director’s chair for Blade Runner 2049, his previous Sicario and Arrival collaborator Johan Johansson had been on board as composer.

Now reports are coming in that Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch will be working with Johansson on the score for the Blade Runner 2049, Villeneuve spoke to Entertainment.ie, explaining a score to rival Vangelis’ original requires more than one man.

Zimmer and Wallfisch worked together on Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk which just opened last week, being praised for its intense, nail-biting score. Wallfisch composed the scores for last year’s Best Picture nominee Hidden Figures and the coming IT remake. Course, we all know Hans Zimmer in some shape or form, whether it be from Inception, The Dark Knight or Pirates of The Caribbean.

Director Denis Villeneuve said, “It’s hard to get to Vangelis’ angle. We have Johann’s breathtaking atmospheric sounds, but I needed other things, and Hans helped us.” Villeneuve has spoken about the importance of the score in his iteration during San Diego Comic Con, all three composers are talented, to say the least, but Zimmer has yet to work with Denis Villeneuve, it’ll be interesting to hear what kind formation the score takes on, will it atmospheric or challenging? This is yet to be seen, the score heard in the trailer is Johansson’s but sounds daringly close to the original score, as an audience, we haven’t heard any of the new material just yet.

Blade Runner 2049‘s ever growing list of talented crew members seems to become more overwhelming by the day.  Denis Villeneuve oversees a production that includes a screenplay penned by Hampton Fancher (Blade Runner), Michael Green (American Gods, Logan), Ridley Scott (Alien, The Martian) as Producer, 13 time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins (Sicario) as Cinematographer, Hans Zimmer (Inception) and Johannson (Arrival) composing and finally Ryan Gosling (La La Land) and Harrison Ford (Star Wars) in front of the camera.

Blade Runner 2049 will be released October 6th, 2017.


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