First Baywatch reactions promise “plenty of gross humor”

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Baywatch has already had numerous test screenings in the US and reactions to those have now surfaced online. The movie reboot of the cult TV series has Horrible Bosses‘ Seth Gordon at the helm and an impressive cast, including Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario.

Many were skeptical of a reboot but may change their minds after some positive early buzz has emerged. The film’s comedy factor has been praised mostly, as “plenty of gross humor” is promised and comparisons to 21 Jump Street are made. Check out the reactions below:

“I can tell you that everyone is surprised at how well Baywatch plays and has tested. It went through development for years and years, but somehow the tone came out right and it channels The Rock’s sweet spot. The best comedic use of Johnson to date. There’s a satirical current that sends up Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay cinema, mocking the omnipresent shallowness and overt calculation of every set piece, plot point and storyboarded CGI action sequence. Baywatch wasn’t super-expensive, save for its stars, and will surprise audiences as a smart, funny film that works like gangbusters.” according to Hollywood-elsewhere.

So it’s looking good for Baywatch, although not everyone was a fan, as one viewer criticized the “flat script” and “easy jokes”:

Paramount is expecting a strong performance at the box office when Baywatch splashes into theaters on May 25th.

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