Fast-Forward to the Future – Our Predictions:

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In 1989, Back to the Future Part II flew 26 years into the future and made predictions about our current way of life that weren’t too far off in many ways. But that very date they travelled to, October 21st 2015, is now officially in the past and so it’s strange and scary to think that we are now ahead of a day that once seemed so far away and futuristic. But what about the next 26 years? Will hoverboards finally take off? And will smart glasses out see smartphones? Well let’s have a bit of fun and make our own predictions about the future as we travel to October 21st 2041…


The biggest, boldest and most erroneous prediction of the Back to the Future series was the flying cars, and unfortunately, we still look some way off this ever happening – until maybe the 23rd century. More realistically, in 2041 we can expect much faster modes of transport and driverless cars which are already in the works.


There’s surely no doubt that one day a man will walk on Mars, but whether we will see it in our lifetime, who truly knows? However technology is growing rapidly and so there is every chance that by 2041, we will see a human reach the distant red planet. If so, I’m pre-booking my ticket for a week’s holiday there.


If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s cables! Everything has a lead and must plug in for power or to charge, and we’ve all probably spent about a third of our lives untangling wires. But maybe in 26 years time we will laugh at our past lives. Solar panels could be the answer, but until then we’ll have to put up with our phones dying every so often.

Movie reboots:

Jaws 19 of course never happened, but we can’t rule it out for the future with the amount of remakes, reboots and sequels being made. In fact with the way things are going, Fast and Furious 22 would be a decent shout. 

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality has been talked about for years but is still yet to fully take off. However Sony, Oculus, and other electronics makers are now in the process of delivering VR headsets to the world. But let’s go one step further and predict the possibility of virtual live transportation. If we can be taken into another world via a VR headset, what’s stopping us from virtually entering a real live event? We could experience actual sports and music events from our very own room. It won’t stop the England football team from losing another World Cup semi-final though (probably on penalties….)


It’s safe to say director Robert Zemeckis’ concept of how fashion would develop was some way off – double-ties being quite a wild theory. But we may as well follow suit and predict that almost everyone in 2041 will wear dungarees and heat-warming clothes in the winter. As for men and beards, maybe women will grow facial hair too… or not.

Smart Glasses:

Google’s smart glasses surprisingly didn’t work out. But we’re not ruling it out for the future once they have been perfected; maybe Apple will even take them on. The potential of the glasses translating foreign languages to us in subtitles or GPS with virtual arrows directing us to our destination is an exciting one, and it could very well happen by 2041.

Ultimately we cannot predict the future, but if we do half as good a job as Back to The Future did with theirs, then we’ll be happy as Marty. And we can all celebrate Flickreel Day in 26 years time…..

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