Bond 25: IMDb confirms Christopher Nolan is on board

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Christopher Nolan looks set to produce the upcoming Bond movie, according to IMDb. Bond fans have often hoped for Nolan’s involvement in the franchise and now it seems they’ve got their wish.

The news broke as The Dark Knight director’s production company, Syncopy has “Bond 25” listed as one of their “projects in development” on IMDb Pro, it was spotted by a Birth Movies Death reporter:

This was originally shrugged off as untrue, however according to a James Bond fan Twitter page, IMDb have confirmed the listing as correct:

It’s worth noting that we’re still waiting for official confirmation on this but with reports of Nolan on board as producer, could he even be persuaded to direct the movie? And could that mean him hiring his good friend and former colleague Tom Hardy as 007? Well the latter did recently reveal that he’d love to play Bond and have Nolan at the helm:

“Chris would be amazing! Wow, that would be so cool. What a fantastic director for a Bond movie. I wonder what the next instalment of that franchise would become, [he] could bring something new and create something profound” he told the Daily Beast.

Hardy to reunite with Nolan for Bond?!

It seems unlikely though, with recent reports that Daniel Craig has been “persuaded” to do “one more film,” and earlier this week it was revealed that Sherlock director Paul McGuigan is being lined up as director. But even if Nolan only takes the role of producer, it’s still a positive move for the iconic franchise.

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