Aaron Paul lets slip Jesse’s return in Better Call Saul

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The third season of Better Call Saul looks set to feature another huge comeback, with Aaron Paul letting slip that his Breaking Bad character will return.

When asked on Ellen about his character, Jesse Pinkman, returning for season 3, the 37 year old actor, dropped a major hint:

Will you be on Better Call Saul?

God, I hope so. Maybe … maybe I already shot the … Yeah, we just – or THEY just – wrapped the last season.

So maybe you are gonna be on!

Yeah, I could be. I would love to be on.

You can watch the interview below to see Paul make the teasing comments:

So with Jesse set to return, could we perhaps even see Bryan Cranston’s Walter White make an appearance? One character we know that’s definitely returning is Gus, who featured in a recent teaser for the latest series:


Better Call Saul season three arrives on AMC April 10th.

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