Do fans want Zack Snyder to take over The Batman?

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After Ben Affleck dropped out, a familiar name has been mentioned to take over…

Poor old DC and Warner Bros – their big expanded cinematic universe has taken a bit of a beating since its inception with last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, itself under-performing at the box office and has now been nominated for a few Golden Raspberries. Suicide Squad wasn’t well receieved either, though its $740million worldwide takings were pretty good considering; The Flash has gone through a few directors and is now having a major screenplay overhaul; and, perhaps the biggest disappointment of them all was this week’s news that Ben Affleck has stepped down as director of The Batman (via NME).

But the studios seemingly won’t be put off too much and are proceeding as normal with the film and fans think they have an answer for their directing problem – hire Zack Snyder. Yes, the Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League director is who some of the fans want to take over the film and have even started a petition on which already has 2,775 signatures as it races towards its hoped for total of 5,000.

The petition organiser, Jennifer Hunnycutt, said this about Snyder taking over:
“He was going to bring something really special to the DCEU, and now it’s not going to be quite the same. (However, he is still starring, writing, and producing. It’s this wearing of too many hats that caused him to step down.) So. The film will still have a lot of his influence, which is good news. However, the question now becomes: Who should be in the director’s chair when cameras start rolling on The Batman? To me, the answer is obvious. Zack Snyder.”

Is he the right fit for Batman? His visual style would suit it perfectly, and after the two films he has made (with one to go) the continuity aspect for the DCEU would make sense, but that’s perhaps exactly why he would not be right – after three Snyder comic-book films, do we really need a fourth?

The Batman was scheduled for 2018 but that seems unlikely now – stay tuned to the site for any news.

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