Wonder Woman set to appear in Flashpoint movie

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Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman looks set to feature in another upcoming DCEU movie, as the amazonian warrior will reportedly appear in Flashpoint.

According to Forbes, “Gadot is expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint.” The outlet also claims that although it’s a solo Flash movie, it’s “also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes.”

The film’s title was recently announced at Comic-Con.

Flashpoint was also a 2011 TV series, which had Barry Allen go back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. However, when time got altered, Barry was no longer the Flash, which created an alternate reality for his Justice League pals.

Release dates are yet to be announced for Wonder Woman II and Flashpoint. But both superheroes can next be seen in Justice League from November 17th. Check out the film’s latest trailer below:

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