Wonder Woman projected to disappoint at the box office

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Early tracking suggests that Wonder Woman is set to disappoint in its opening weekend at the box office.

According to Deadline, projections are at an estimated $65 million-plus for its debut in the US. Now although that may not seem bad, putting it on a par with Thor and Captain America: First Avenger’s opening figures. Interest in superhero movies has elevated so much in recent years, that box office takings have rapidly increased.

There have been 22 superhero movies from DC and Marvel in the last 5 years and if the Wonder Woman projections are right, it will put the film in a poor 18th place when ordered by opening profit. See the rankings below via Box Office Mojo:

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It will also be DC’s worst performing superhero since Green Lantern. Still, box office projections are not always correct and may change for the good, if the reviews are strong.

Wonder Woman hits screens on June 2nd. Watch its trailer below in the meantime:

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3 comments on “Wonder Woman projected to disappoint at the box office

  1. Blue

    So besides it being a comic book movie what else does this movie have going do it, that you would expect a bigger bigger number?

    Wonder Woman is a woman lead, and directed movie and besides hunger games what other female led movie was a huge box office draw?
    It’s a DC film following the horribly reviewed MM,BvS and SS it’s a miracle DC people are even gonna show up!
    It has no box office draws in its cast.

    65mil puts it on par with films like maleficent and Cinderella. And on a 120mil budget it won’t need more than a 2.5 multiplier to make up its budget in the USA, and just needs to gross 300mil ww to start turning a profit

  2. Jack

    Having just seen this movie, it will do $100 million first weekend and huge word of mouth will drop it no more than 50% the following weekend. This article is ridiculous, mind you. No critical thought.

  3. os

    This is the only site reporting the opening as disappointing. I think 65 is just fine. Wonder Woman is going to do well. Just wait and see.

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