Will Logan’s Run be the Next Hunger Games?

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The Hunger Games franchise is coming to a close this week, but there are still several other movie franchises looking to become the next Hunger Games. In addition to the Divergent series and Maze Runner series, Simon Kinberg’s Logan’s Run will soon be entering the battle royale too.

For all those that haven’t seen the original Logan’s Run, it tells the story of a law enforcement officer who helps to sparks a revolution in a dystopian future. Warner Bros. hopes that this remake of the 1976 sci-fi film will become a big franchise. Kinberg referred to Logan’s Run as “the granddaddy of Maze Runner and Hunger Games.” He also told Collider that the studio is “talking to directors.”

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What do you think? Will Logan’s Run be the next Hunger Games or will it be what Pan is to Harry Potter?

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One comment on “Will Logan’s Run be the Next Hunger Games?

  1. Blake Crawford

    That’s going to depend on how its done. I enjoyed the original film. If they throw away everything contextual about it and try to make it another block buster like they did with Robocop, I won’t be very thrilled. However I’m not a fan of the franchises you’ve compared it to so my opinion has little value to the discussion. For it to be popular with tweens and millenials it will have to be mindless garbage that pretends to be intelligent. That’s probably what they’ll do.

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