The Dark Tower’s production “was plagued with problems”

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Sony’s upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower reportedly had all kinds of problems during production. According to Variety, the film’s creative process, especially during post-production, was “plagued with problems and clashing visions”.

The site reports that director Nikolaj Arcel delivered an early cut of the film that “alarmed” MCR boss Modi Wiczyk and Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman, the early screenings also reportedly tested poorly with audiences.

$6 million was then spent on reshoots as the film’s release was pushed back. Variety’s sources say that Arcel “found himself in over his head” and the studios would have replaced him had it not been for financial constraints.

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The report even claims that the film’s producers Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman had to help “wrangle the film into shape”. Arcel remains adamant though that he had full control:

“On a film with two studios and powerful producers, obviously there is much passionate creative debate on how to work certain ideas or beats. But I felt supported throughout, and they all looked to me for answers. If someone had jumped into my editing room and taken over — I would have left instantly.”

The Dark Tower is tracking for an opening in the mid-$20 million range, which isn’t too bad considering the above. It arrives on Friday, see its trailer below.

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