Tarantino has two different cuts of The Hateful Eight

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Quentin Tarantino has decided that the best way to see his new film, The Hateful Eight, will be in a touring roadshow version projected in Ultra Panavision 70mm. And now according to Variety, that version of the film will actually be a little longer than the regular cinema release.

“The roadshow version has an overture and an intermission, and it will be three hours, two minutes,” Tarantino tells the trade mag. “The multiplex version is about six minutes shorter, not counting the intermission time, which is about 12 minutes.”

And he wants as many people as possible to be able to see the preferred 70mm version, with The Weinstein Company paying to install projectors in some cinemas so that around 100 screens can handle the roadshow print.

“The 70 is the 70,” he says. “You’ve paid the money. You’ve bought your ticket. So you’re there. I’ve got you. But I actually changed the cutting slightly for a couple of the multiplex scenes because it’s not that. Now it’s on Showtime Extreme. You’re watching it on TV and you just kind of want to watch a movie on your couch. Or you’re at Hot Dog on a Stick and you just want to catch a movie.”

The digital version will hit screens on January 8th 2016.

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