Spider-Man: Homecoming’s first official reviews swing in

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The first reviews are in for Spider-Man: Homecoming are they’re great. Many critics are calling it the best Spidey film yet.

Tom Holland’s first solo outing as the web-slinging superhero has gone down extremely well. Positive reviews have given the reboot an impressive 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes. See some of the critics’ ratings below:

The Wrap – “Marvel’s made a literal Homecoming in that one of their prized characters is no longer in a single-parent (Sony) household. The result is a Spider-Man that feels a little more punchy, laugh-filled, and exciting than one might expect from a property that’s already been given plenty of chances to succeed.”

Although the majority of reviews have been positive, not everyone was a fan:

Variety – “We all know the spider-bite basics of Spidey’s origin story, but too much rebooting has now resulted in a certain vagueness, as if the film couldn’t be bothered to fill in the logistics.”

The Hollywood Reporter – “A charming new lead only goes so far in a reboot that smells of corporate strategy. Hang in there, True Believers: Maybe it’ll get better the second time around.”

But overall it’s a strong start for Marvel’s latest. Homecoming arrives on July 7th.

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