Ryan Gosling courted for Neil Armstrong biopic – from director of Whiplash

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We all have our cinematic dream-teams: a collaboration of incredible artists who come together, the names of which whose very placement next to one another cause a heap of excitement. Sometimes, such teaming up of talent works brilliantly (Steve Jobs – Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Fassbender), and others, not so brilliantly (The Counsellor – Ridley Scott, Cormac McCarthy, and again, Michael Fassbender). A new dream-team is slowly assembling for The First Man, which has Damien Chazelle (director of Whiplash) and Josh Singer (writer of Spotlight) attached, and a new name being courted to come on board: Ryan Gosling (star of most of your favourite movies this decade).

The actor is still only in talks for the role – nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. If it does happen, though, Gosling would play Neil Armstrong, with the film following his life from being a bomber flyer for the Navy and then astronaut for NASA (and we all know where that leads him). This is a collaboration with huge potential – but before filming would even begin, Chazelle still has his next directorial outing La La Land to release, of which Gosling is also starring in.

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