Robert Pattinson reveals why he rejected Fifty Shades of Grey role; “I was absolutely terrified”

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Robert Pattinson has revealed why he turned down the role of Christian Grey in 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey. The Twilight star was an early frontrunner to play the male lead in the films, and was even author E.L James’ “first choice”:

However, the part of course went to Jamie Dornan.

Dornan landed the role and has proved popular amongst fans.

Now, Pattinson has spoken about the role for the first time, revealing that the physical side to it put him off:

“I sometimes look at stuff and go, ‘You have to work out too much. It is going to be exhausting’. I have tried. I don’t understand how people do it at all. I will go to the gym sometimes. I will have one week on and three months off. I will genuinely try and not go when other people are there,” he told the Mirror.

He also spoke of the surreal conversation he had with the book’s author James, as he recalls that she told him “her fantasies” which “terrified” him:

“I know the writer of the book, and before any of that [casting process] happened, I had met her in Chateau Marmont. Her friend told me, ‘That is EL James, she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey’, and I was a little bit drunk and I literally kept forcing her to tell me every one of her fantasies and it was fun. I was absolutely terrified.”

The Fifty Shades’ film trilogy is soon coming to an end with Fifty Shades Freed arriving in February. Next up for Pattinson is Good Time, which has earned him Oscar-nomination buzz, it lands on August 11th.

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