Ridley Scott won’t direct the Blade Runner sequel

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It turns out that Ridley Scott won’t be directing the Blade Runner sequel after all. In the last few years, development on the project has gained traction, with rumours of a screenplay finally surfacing, and the announcement that Harrison Ford – who played the protagonist Deckard in 1982’s original Blade Runner – was attached to appear in one form or other. But now, in an interview with Variety, Scott has stated that he won’t be directing the sequel, but instead will be overseeing the movie in the role of producer. This may be due to Scott being rather busy; he’s finishing up Exodus: Gods and Kings, due out this December, and is ready to start work on The Martian, due next year, and then Prometheus 2 after that – the latest instalment in the sci-fi franchise that made him, Alien. Although he won’t be returning to the replicant-filled world of Blade Runner in the director’s chair, a new director is yet to be announced. The film is set to begin shooting next year.

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