Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick really want to do Zombieland 2

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I think we all want a Zombieland 2, right?

When it was first released in 2009, comedy-horror Zombieland was a bit of a wild success: made for around $23.6million, the film went on to gross over $100million worldwide and while that number was impressive it was perhaps its longevity after the cinema release that made in into a cult favourite. Stars Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin still emerging into superstars, as were writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick pre-Deadpool but since the four talents have become superstars (one now an Oscar winner).

So it came as no surprise that a sequel to the film, which also starred Woody Harrelson (always a star), was mooted almost immediately but almost eight years on we still have yet to be treated to a follow-up. But with Deadpool 2 on the horizon, Reese and Wernick have been looking back on the film and have said that they are still in development for the sequel with a script written and everyone, including director Ruben Fleischer, keen to see it made but that it may not be so easy.

Speaking to Comicbook.com, Wernick said they still want to make the film despite last year’s rumoured shooting date passing by:

“It is [in active development]… We’re trying to get it going.

“All of our cast have read the script and love it. Reuben is signed on. It’s just a matter of making our cast deals and making it for a budget number… All the cast have become superstars now!”

“We made Zombieland with $20 million, so it’s trying to fit that financial model into the sequel model so it makes sense for the studio and being able to pay the actors what they now get paid and deserve to paid.

“We’re not letting it go. We really want to see Zombieland 2.”

As with many sequels when you have a hit and the cast become bigger stars, getting them back for a second time may well be a costly exercise and in Zombieland‘s case it seems to have been an issue as well as having a cast who’s schedule’s are much busier than back in 2009 – Eisenberg could still have at least one more outing as Lex Luthor, Harrelson is filming Han Solo, Wernick and Reese are busy with Deadpool 2 and Stone is now an Oscar winner so will soon be possibly the busiest she has ever been. But the cast loves this material and if a budget and schedule can be arranged they would no doubt be back in a heartbeat. As would we.

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