Plans unveiled for world’s first indoor drive-in movie theater

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Plans have been revealed for the world’s first ever indoor drive-in movie theater.

Movie lovers in Nashville are in for a unique experience as Fox 17 reports that plans have been unveiled for the indoor drive-in which is set to have a “1960s feel”.

The “August Moon Drive-In” will be at the intersection of James Robertson Parkway and Interstate 24. Check out the images of what it will look like below:

The area will include 50 classic cars, full-sized trees, hammocks, a starry night with an August “sailor’s moon” and the largest non-IMAX movie screen in North America.

“The August Moon Drive-In will be the first of its kind and an attraction that dramatically enhances the way people experience movies,” reads a statement, before adding:

“Conceived as a mini indoor theme park that transports people in space and time to a quintessentially American experience – where that perfect summer night at sunset, where crickets chirp in the distance and the audience breathes in the scent of fresh meadow air, can be repeated with absolute consistency within what is effectively a giant movie set. In addition to being a re-invention of the movie-going experience, August Moon will allow audiences time to explore, play, and dine, and of course, watch their movie.”

The project is being designed by Michael Counts, with the arena set to open next year.

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