Matthew McConaughey looks set for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

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Sony Pictures have reportedly approached Matthew McConaughey to star in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

According to The Wrap “preliminary discussions” are taking place to put McConaughey in the cowboy boots of protagonist Roland Deschain, while Variety reports McConaughey will play sinister villain Walter Padick and also notes that while neither side has committed, both “are interested in striking a deal.”

The film, which represents the first step in the plan to bring the story to cinemas (plus a companion TV series which is in development), would follow Deschain as he quests to locate the titular tower, a central point in the universe, before dark forces invade and destroy it, wiping out reality as we know it.

Expect McConaughey to be confirmed for The Dark Tower over the coming weeks.

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