Man of Steel 2 on ‘permanent hold’

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Only days after rumours were circulating that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was in talks to direct Man of Steel 2, it now appears that the movie isn’t going forward anytime soon. Den of Geek reports that George Miller was in talks with Warner Bros. over which superhero property to take on – not necessarily the second Superman film – and that the movie is, for now, on ‘permanent hold.’ It further states that Miller will take on a project if he’s interested in that particular story.

The extended delay of Superman’s second standalone appearance could be the result of the original Man of Steel‘s mixed reception from both critics and audiences, and also because Ben Affleck has signed on to do multiple standalone Batman movies after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out there.  Also, isn’t Warner Bros. and George Miller busy plotting out another couple of Mad Max films? We’d prefer to see those first, personally – but a Miller-directed Supes movie sounds too interesting not to want to see. Looks like we’ll probably have to wait over five years for it, too, as DC’s slate of films stretch all the way to 2020, with Man of Steel 2 featuring nowhere.

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