Mad Max: The Wasteland spin-off in the works

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Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the surprise movies of the year, grossing £378 million worldwide and earning 10 Oscar nominations; including Best Picture and Best Director, not since Lord of the Rings has a franchise film been so well received by critics and audience alike.

However, it was Charlize Theron’s character ‘Furiousa’ who outshined our titular hero played by Tom Hardy, all the praise for a strong definitive female character garnered rumours that maybe a spin-off centred on Furiousa could be a possibility in the future.

Now with the announcement that Mad Max: Fury Road will have a special limited ‘Black and Chrome’ blu ray edition. George Miller himself said that pre-production has already begun on the next film ‘Mad Max: Wasteland’ which will see Theron returning as Furiousa and focus on her backstory before the events of Fury Road.

These reports came from Australia’s Herald Sun.

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