Ben Affleck’s Live By Night could lose around $75million

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It wasn’t a good festive season for Ben Affleck’s Live By Night according to Variety

Perhaps more so this year that any other before, the festive season at the US box office was immensely saturated with lots of films for audiences to get their fill of cinema. In fact, it could certainly be said that there was too much product – so much in fact that it was inevitable that many would fall by the wayside and be unable to get bums on seats, particularly when the breakout hits were performing brilliantly.

Biggest of those that failed to find an audience was Live By Night, the 1920’s gangster film written and directed by Ben Affleck, and starring Affleck, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana, Chris Messina and Chris Cooper, and Variety is reporting that the film is set to lose around $75million for Warner Bros after its theatrical run concludes.

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Made for around $65million, the film was Affleck’s biggest directorial project yet but has sadly failed to light up the box office nor indeed critics. And in amongst so many other films, it got a little lost in the mix but with its price tag, it’s going to be the biggest flop of the lot.

Affleck is set to direct for WB again later this year as he takes on The Batman, the latest stand-alone caped crusader films which is set to start shooting very soon – once Affleck and co. finish their work on the script.

Live By Night is in cinemas now.

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