Liam Neeson says he’s filming a Jar Jar Binks movie

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If you thought the biggest Star Wars reveal of the weekend would be The Last Jedi trailer, think again, because Liam Neeson has revealed that he’s making a movie “about Jar Jar Binks”.

Neeson starred alongside Jar Jar in the Star Wars prequels and has told Good Morning America that the clumsy Gungan is making his long awaited return with his own spin-off:

“I’m actually here on location in the Canadian Rockies. We’re making a movie, a very unofficial movie, about Jar Jar Binks – and what happened to Jar Jar. Spoiler alert: he did go to the dark side.” he told GMA.

OK before you start panicking, we’re pretty sure that the Irish actor is joking, at least we hope! The idea of Jar Jar being a bad guy is actually a theory that many believe, with even directors Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams backing up.

Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson revealed at the Star Wars Celebration that his character Mace Windu is “awaiting his return,” so there could be many more spin-offs to come from the franchise.

As for Jar Jar, the chances of that happening are surely very slim but if you fancy seeing him return, check out our April Fools trailer below which reveals him as the unlikely last Jedi:

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