Leaked Avengers Infinity War footage teases Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy

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Early footage of Marvel’s 2018 extravaganza has leaked online and… well, you know, we can’t wait. Two Avengers Infinity War scenes were leaked, the first is without sound and features the live-action scenes of some stills with Nomad and Thanos’ daughter Proxima Midnight on Earth that leaked a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile, the juiciest part of the leak is the second clip that features dialogue and is set at The Collector’s Museum on Knowhere.

His building is partly damaged by fire and sees the Guardians of the Galaxy sneaking about while listening to Thanos who is torturing Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector for information on the whereabouts of the Reality Stone.



Also known as the Aether, the Reality Stone was handed to the Collector in the post-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World by the Asgardians, Odin didn’t want two Infinity Stones too close to each other. So where is the Reality Stone? Clearly, The Collector’s lying as he explained to the Guardians in their first solo movie exactly what the Infinity Stones are.

When he was handed the Aether in Thor: The Dark World’s end credit scene, he said: “Two down, four to go.” He is The Collector, after all. He’s been wanting to gather all six just like Thanos, however, he lost the Power Stone (the Orb) in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is now being held by the Nova Corps on Xander. We know the time stone is in the hands of Doctor Strange via The Eye of Agomoto and the Soul Stone which was given to Loki from Thanos, is now inside of Vision’s head, doubling as the source of his life.

Avengers Infinity War will be released in UK cinemas on April 27, 2018, and will be followed by Avengers 4 in April 2019.

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