Kirsten Dunst trolls Suicide Squad on Instagram

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Suicide Squad has been panned by many since its release and now even Kirsten Dunst has had a cheeky dig.

Dunst, who recently starred in Season 2 of Fargo, posted a throwback photo on Instagram, comparing the DC movie to her 90’s cult hit Virgin Suicides. Check it out below:

“There’s only one real suicide squad,” she wrote, along with a photo from 1999’s Virgin Suicides.

She’s not the first to have a swipe at Suicide Squad, after Lindsay Lohan tore into the film last month, saying that the movie “is not helping the world but hurting people”. She also accused Leto of ripping off Brandon Lee’s The Crow for “his whole music and film career”. However, the attack seemed to be more a personal one whereas Dunst is clearly just jokingly mocking the film.

Suicide Squad continues to divide opinion and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s still showing in theaters.

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