Joss Whedon slammed for “sexist” Wonder Woman script

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Recently, it was announced that Marvel legend Joss Whedon had signed up to write, direct and produce a Batgirl movie, but fans are now calling for him to step down from the project, following the leak of his “sexist” Wonder Woman script.

The Avengers director was keen to make a Wonder Woman movie back 2006, with Warner Bros. interested, but the project never got up and running. He even wrote a script for the film, which is the cause for this controversy, as Indie Ground Films decided to upload it on their site.

Whedon has always been vocal in his support for females in film, and was behind the creation of feminist icon Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, he seems to now be losing support, as many have vented their anger at him for his Wonder Woman script, labelling it “sexist”, “insulting” and “horrific”:

Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman has been a huge success. We dread to imagine how Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman would have performed.

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