Jake Gyllenhaal cast in The Man Who Made It Snow

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Jake Gyllenhaal has been enjoying what looks like a highpoint in his career. Not only did he get attention for his portrayal of a committed detective in last year’s excellent thriller Prisoners, but he is also riding high with his performance in Nightcrawler, one that is already creeping into best-of-the-year lists. There are even whispers of Oscars glory, and if there’s any justice, Gyllenhaal’s terrifying performance as Lou Bloom will nab him his first Academy Award – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Most recently, he’s just been cast in The Man Who Made It Snow, with director Antoine Fuqua at the helm. Fuqua has directed, most recently, The Equalizer, and way back in 2001, Training Day – but notably with The Man Who Made It Snow, it marks his and Gyllenhaal’s second collaboration, with their first movie, the boxing drama Southpaw, still in post-production. That’s indicative of a good relationship between director and actor; signing up to work with each other again, before the results of their debut collaboration are shown to the world, hopefully shows a strong connection. But what about The Man Who Made It Snow? Based on a true story, it follows the hotel engineer Max Mermelstein, who has a hand in turning Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s business into one of the biggest narcotics cartels in the world. We expect Gyllenhaal to star as Mermelstein, and look forward to another astonishing performance from this increasingly talented actor.

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