Here’s what you need to know about Justice League’s post-credit scenes

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Post-credits scenes attached to the end of Justice League has been confirmed. So, without spoiling anything, here’s what you need to know.

Justice League has been screened across the world over the past week and it’s been confirmed that there will be two post-credits scenes and the formulae won’t be too dissimilar to Marvels. Suicide Squad’s post-credits scene teased the Justice League (which we all knew was coming anyway) showing Bruce Wayne meeting with Amanda Waller to acquire information on Aquaman and the Flash. Looking at the trailer for Justice League, it’s safe to assume that Bruce Wayne is already looking for them at the start of the movie. Speculation wise, the post-credit scene could be dedicated to Green Lantern or most likely the Aquaman, since that’s the next scheduled film for DC.

Following the recent Justice League screenings, many are settling on the fact the film is not Suicide Squad but fails to capitalise on the highs of Wonder Woman which saw director Patty Jenkins become the biggest-selling female director of all time. For a full round-up of initial reactions, click here.

Justice League superhero lands into cinemas, November 17th.



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