Has Scoot McNairy’s role in Batman v Superman been uncovered?

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Despite making an appearance in one of Marvel’s ‘One Shot’ short films, Scoot McNairy has made the transition to DC in a big way with the fast-approaching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The character actor has appeared in many interesting roles in recent years – including his lead breakout in Monsters – but what role he plays in the superhero flick has been one of much contention. Set photos have been snapped of him in neon-green leggings, which brings up the theory that his legs may be layered or replaced entirely with CGI – which in turn suggests he could be appearing as the Flash? (A really stupid assertion if you think about it, since Ezra Miller has been cast in the role a long time).

Naturally, the ever-resourceful Latino Review has an inside scoop. They report that McNairy’s character will be a wheelchair user brought before the US Senate, testifying against the Man of Steel for – supposedly – the destruction he helped wreak on Metropolis.

McNairy can indeed by spotted in the film’s trailer in the courthouse Superman walks into to answer for Man of Steel’s absurdly smashy climax (click the link, pause, and look to the right in the middle-distance). We’ll know for sure soon, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally released on March 25, and answers all our questions.

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