Former Thor 2 director to take on Wonder Woman

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Jumping from Marvel to DC, Patty Jenkins is close to penning a deal at Warner Bros. to direct Wonder Woman.

Just a few days ago it was announced that Michelle McLaren had left the comicbook project due to “creative differences”. The search for replacement looks to have come to a surprisingly swift end.

Jenkins was herself close to making a superhero film at rival studio Marvel, however her time on the Thor sequel was troubled.

There was a major backlash when it was announced that McLaren had left the Wonder Woman project. As well as being an established and popular showrunner for some of the biggest TV shows around, she was also set to be the first female director of any major superhero film in the current boom period. Ironically, Jenkins will now take on that mantle, one that she would have claimed years ago had she completed work on Thor 2.

Like McLaren, Jenkins has also worked on major TV shows. She also directed Monster, the film that landed Charlize Theron an Oscar for Best Actress. This time around, it’s Gal Gadot in the lead role.

The swiftness of the search is also due to the fact that not only does Wonder Woman have a firm release date in 2017, but the character is set to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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