Flickreel’s Friday Funnies: Crazy Crossovers

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In a cinematic world full of reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels. One thing that you don’t see too often is the crossover, when one film joins hands with another. However, it was recently announced that Will Smith’s Men In Black will in fact cross paths with Channing Tatum’s Jump street and this week it even got its title and logo:


It very much seems that we may soon see a rise of film franchises coming together and so let’s have a little fun with some potential silly ones:

Wayne’s World meets Jurassic Park:


2015’s Jurassic World was a huge success and a follow-up film was set up perfectly. However, we think they should shake things up for the sequel and bring rock dorks Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar into the land of dinosaurs. The story sees creatures on the loose with Chris Pratt’s character Owen doing his all to stop them but very much struggling. When he’s almost defeated, he is saved by two unlikely heroes, Wayne and Garth. How, we hear you ask?! Well it just so turns out that dinosaurs can’t stand the sound of heavy rock music and that’s exactly what Wayne and Garth excel in playing. Of course there are twists and turns along the way, as Wayne ends up forming an intimate bond with some of the deadliest creatures and T-Rex’s actually rather like rock music (in particularly their namesake band) their weakness just being One Direction. It’s a story full of roars, tours and Wayne mounting dinosaurs on all fours. If a studio doesn’t pick it up soon we’ll be gobsmacked.

Gremlins Episode III: Yoda Strikes Back


A third Gremlins movie is happening and a Yoda spin-off film is rumoured so why not combine the two? It just so turns out that Yoda has quite a slimy past and once had too many shandies consequently ending up in bed with an Ewok. 9 months later and out popped a furry baby mogwai/gremlin called Gizmo. Yoda’s reputation was massively on the line here and so he did what any bad father would do and send Gizmo to planet earth. This poor creature has no memory of its parents but after doing some research online and finding Yoda on Spacebook, Gizmo tracks him down. Yoda, shameful of his past, must destroy all the evidence left behind, starting a war with the gremlin race in the process.


Any movies you’d like to see crossover? Let us know…

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