Eddie Murphy teases Coming to America sequel on Twitter and then deletes his account

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Comedy legend Eddie Murphy has hinted at a Coming to America sequel on Twitter, before removing his account.

The Trading Places actor stunned Twitter when he posted the teasing question: “Coming to America sequel?” accompanied by an image of actress Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi from the film:

Murphy only usually retweets on Twitter so it was surprising to see him even compose his own. And what’s even more surprising is that the comedian then deactivated his account soon after the post. Could it be his way of saying farewell to his fans on the social media network? Or maybe he didn’t like some of the negative responses he got? Check a couple of them out below:

Coming to America told the story of African prince Akeem Joffer, who travels to Queens, New York City, to look for a wife. In a bid to find the true woman of his dreams, who is not influenced by his wealth, he goes undercover as a waiter at a fast food restaurant.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the 1988 original.

Paramount is yet to comment on the sequel speculation.

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