Chronicles of Narnia to be rebooted

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The final film in the Chronicles of Narnia series was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which was the worst performer in the franchise both critically and commercially – almost assuring its death at the cinema. But now we’ve learned that – thanks to Collider – the beloved works of CS Lewis will be making their way back to the big screens in the form of a reboot, with the new film The Silver Chair.

Based on the fourth book in the Narnia series, The Silver Chair is set multiple decades after Dawn Treader (that’s Narnia years, by the way), where King Caspian searches for the missing heir to his throne. In typical reboot fashion, none of the cast from the previous films will be making a return. ‘We’re hoping to be able to make the movie very shortly,’ producer Mark Gordon says. ‘We’re very excited about it.’ Gordon is working on the franchise, the film rights of which changed hands in 2013.

As a reboot, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see how the filmmakers will make The Silver Chair – like we said, the fourth book in the series – a veritable new entry point for audiences.

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