Charles Dance confirms his character’s role in Ghostbusters reboot

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A while back, it was reported that Brit actor Charles Dance was to star in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Naturally, given his most well-known on-screen pursuits, everyone assumed he would be playing the villain – but speaking with the Radio Times, he’s revealed that his character’s role is far more interesting than a straight ‘baddie.’

‘He’s neither really… He’s not villanious, but he just doesn’t understand and appreciate the whole Ghostbusting thing,’ he says. ‘He is English as well.’ We love the affirmation of his character’s nationality at the end (which is a relief, because if The Woman in Gold is any measure, Dance can’t pull of an American accent to save his life), but far more fascinating is that he won’t be playing the typical bad guy of the piece – nor a good guy, exactly.

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Therefore, we think that he may be playing the same kind of part occupied by William Atherton’s Walter Peck in the original 1984 film – a lawyer hired by the Environmental Agency to try and shut down the entire Ghostbusters operation. He’s not convinced that their job is harmless to the environment, but he’s also not quite the true villain of the film, either.

We’ll have to wait and see when the movie itself comes out on July 15.


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