Captain America: Civil War directors tease Nick Fury future…

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The third film in the Captain America series, Civil War, already boasts a huge cast of stars. As well as the titular hero, the film sees two teams of Marvel’s best go up against one another for the first time. But what of one of the stalwarts of the series, Nick Fury, who arguably is the man responsible for bringing the Avengers together in the first place?

We attended a star-studded press conference in London earlier this week, where directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as studio head Kevin Feige, were keen to tell fans a little bit more. With most of the main cast also in attendance, there was plenty of information to be had, although one person missing from the stage and the film too is Samuel L Jackson.

Rather than flatly refuse to talk about Fury, the Russo brothers merely enticed us by saying there was a reason why he wasn’t in the movie, and that we would find out more soon in future movies. It’s also the same story with Maria Hill, the SHIELD agent played by Cobie Smulders. Later, when I spoke to Kevin Feige, we were told that some characters not in this film will turn up in Thor: Ragnarok.

Another cast member who may well return for future instalments is Daniel Bruhl, who plays the villain in this film. Asked if he was signed up for more movies he said he wasn’t, but hoped to return.

Another interesting titbit was that Chris Evans, the man who embodies the red white and blue ideals of Captain America, would personally err on the side of Ironman were superheroes to suddenly appear in our world.

Find out how the characters really match-up when the film is released this week in the UK and soon after internationally.

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